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Sabine For Genesis 8.1 Female

Daz Celebrity 3D Models – Key Facts

  • Upgraded Version: Sabine For Genesis 8.1 Female is an enhanced model, building upon the success of its predecessor for Genesis 8 Female with new morphs and textures.
  • Custom Sculpted: Boasting a unique look, Sabine features a custom sculpted head and body morph, requiring no additional morph packs.
  • Expressive Range: Offers six distinct expression options, capturing a range of emotions from joy to confusion.
  • High-Quality Materials: Optimized for Iray, Sabine’s material set includes a variety of eye, lip, nail colors, and detailed Fibermesh lashes, ensuring photorealistic renders.


Fresh from the creative lab of the talented Kadaj15, Sabine for Genesis 8.1 Female is an upgraded version of the Genesis 8 variant.   Our initial impression is that she is a very worthy upgrade over the original and her look is considerably refined.  We could see her working well as a 3d rendered book cover or poster with her striking looks.  But lets delve a little deeper!


Sabine is a visual treat, with Iray optimized materials that promise photorealistic renders. She has 8 varied geoshell lip colors (including the classic natural lip) and 7 captivating eye shades that pull you in.  If you’re new to 3D modelling and art, Geoshells work by creating an additional, very thin geometry layer over the base figure, like a second skin. This means you can add lip colors or makeup without altering the primary texture map of the character. If you think of the base texture as the skin, the Geoshell is akin to applying makeup over it. . The fiber mesh lashes, coming with 2 MATs, amplify her charm, ensuring your scenes have that added touch of realism.


Sabine has a custom sculpted head and body, making it plug and play for most Daz users. With the flexibility to apply and remove head, body, and nail morphs separately, you have the freedom to mold Sabine as per your scene’s needs. And as most artists do, we can use these morphs on other characters, adding to Sabines value and usability. Kadaj15 has also included 6 expression options.  These are great and can be used to add life to your narratives.  We’ve used them to show a range of emotions with her, from ‘smiling at a joke’ to ‘upset at a broken nail’!


Unless explicitly stated on,, or other vendor sites, this character is not endorsed by or affiliated with any person or persons mentioned on this page. To clarify, we have made the celebrity comparison strictly for parody and entertainment purposes. Furthermore, please check the vendor’s site for full license details.

If you have specific licencing questions we’d recommend checking out the renderosity website.  You can also reach out to to get the full legal lowdown.

What can this model be used for

While Sabine offers vast versatility, she’d undeniably steal the show in a digital art piece with a sci-fi twist, perhaps as a leading lady taking on galaxy-conquering aliens. Or, with her European charm, maybe in a digital reimagining of a famous train journey full of mystery and intrigue? As we mentioned in the introduction, her striking looks will grab attention in most forms of media.

Comparison to Similar Characters

Having reviewed 13 of Kadaj15’s stellar creations before, it’s safe to say Sabine holds her own. While she shares the meticulous detailing characteristic of Kadaj15’s models, Sabine’s distinct look, including those reusable FiberMesh lashes and Geoshell makeup, adds to her value.

Of course we must draw a comparison with the other Genesis 8 character by Kadaj15 that she is based on.  This is definately a worthy upgrade in terms of looks and additional features.  Apart from these two characters, we haven’t seen another Daz Studio character that shares this likeness, making them both worthy additions to the database.

Our Rating

  • Level of Detail: 9/10
  • Render Speed: 8/10 (Though the detailed features can sometimes demand a bit from your machine)
  • Additional Features: 9/10 (The separate morph applications and the additional makeup options are the cherries on top)

Sabine For Genesis 8.1 Female – Overall

Sabine for Genesis 8.1 Female is a testament to Kadaj15’s consistency and quality. With premium materials and additional expression options, she’s a worthy addition to any Daz enthusiast’s collection. While she may have some similarities with her Genesis 8 predecessor, Sabine stands tall in her own right, ready to be the digital muse for your next project!

For more fantastic 3D character models and intriguing looks-alikes, dive into our ever-growing database at Until next time, keep sizzling those pixels!

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