Fix Daz Studio Error During Rendering Fault

By Kano | November 1st 2021 | 15:56

The Problem

Occasionally, Daz Studio users have encountered an “Error During Rendering!” fault. You can check out the latest discussion about the error here: Daz Studio forums. This seems to be a fault that occurs with a wide range of hardware and happens with both the 3Delight and Iray render engine. It also doesn’t seem to be dependant on whether or not you are using Daz GPU rendering.

If this happens to you it might be a little scary, but there have been many solutions provided on various daz3d forums and websites. We have searched throught them all and put together this list of solutions for the “Error During Rendering” Fault that should have you rendering again in no time! Lets hope this is easier to fix than the dreaded cocreateinstance failed 3ds max bug we covered last month!

Cause 1 – Daz Studio Needs to be Updated

The first to check is whether or not you have upgraded to the latest version of Daz Studio. Several users have reported that this was the cause of their problems and it went away after an update. The easiest way to do this is either by opening Daz Install Manager or if logging into Daz Central. Any updates will be clearly highlighted.


Update to the latest version of Daz Studio. Run your render again to see if the error goes away. It may also be worthwhile checking your Nvidia Drivers to ensure they are all suitably updated also.

Cause 2 – You Have Low Memory

Your computer ran out of memory whilst rendering your scene. This has been reported by several users. The memory (RAM) may be getting used up during the render process and causing the error to appear. This is especially likely to be the case if you have very large detailed scenes which include complex lighting and dForce simulated items etc.


The most obvious solution would be to Upgrade your RAM if possible. For windows 10 users, 4GB of RAM just won’t do in 2021! Consider 8 GB at a very minimum. We personally would say 16GB or more would be better for rendering 3d scenes. If you really can’t afford the upgrade, try ensuring all unnecessary background programs are closed to maximise the amount of RAM available for Daz Studio.

Some users have had issues due to the virtual memory settings in windows. These are settings that control windows ability to use your hard drive as additional ram. We recommend to leave these settings as default and let windows manage them. To check your virtual memory settings go to

control panel/system\advanced system settings\performance settings\advanced\virtual memory

Here is a detailed guide to help you further:

How to change virtual memory size on Windows 10 | Windows Central

Cause 3 – The SubDivision Level is Too High

This is another more obscure cause of the error during render problem reported by users. A higher Sub division adds more polygons to your figure. This added detail will cause Daz Studio to use more memory during the Render process and possibly triggering the error.


Select your figure and open the parameters tab. Check that the SubDivision Level is not set higher than 1.

Cause 4 – Wrongly Disabled Plugins

Often Daz Studio users disable plugins that they don’t think are necessary. This can be problematic in Daz Studio as seemingly unrelated plugins may be dependant on eachother.


Try checking your plugin settings to make sure everything is ticked and enabled. Simply go to Help / About installed plugins within Daz Studio.


After reading through many of the issues users have had with this error, it is our conclusion at Pixelsizzle that the most likely cause of this error is due to your computer running out of memory whilst rendering. If all else fails just scream cocreateinstance failed 3ds max 5 times in the mirror! 🙂