Use your old animations and poses on newer Daz Studio figures

Save time and money by using your old Daz Studio content with newer figures

You may have invested a lot of time and money into poses and animations for Victoria 4 and Genesis 2 figures.  It would be fantastic if you could just use all this old content with newer figures wouldn’t it?

Unfortunately things are never quite that simple!  This is because newer figures often have additional bones or different rigging that result in incompatibilities.  Take a look at this example showing the  same pose on Stephanie 6 and Genesis 3.

Good news

Fortunately there are tools we can use to accurately convert our old content for us.  With a few simple clicks you will have all of your old content working with newer figures.  Here are a few awesome Animation Conversion tools created by DraagonStorm.  Check below for our handy 3 step guide to using them!

To convert Victoria 4.2 animations and poses to Genesis and Genesis 2 Female:

Animation Conversion V4.2 to Genesis and Genesis 2 Female

To convert Genesis 2 to Genesis 3 Female animations and poses:

Animation Conversion Genesis 2 to Genesis 3

3 Step Guide

Both of these tools work in exactly the same way and are incredibly easy to use.  Here is the basic method in three steps.

  1. Load  the source figure into your scene and add the desired pose or animation you would like to convert.
  2. Next load your target figure into the scene.  Ensure you have baked any aniblock animations to the Daz Studio timeline by right clicking under the animate tab and selecting “bake to studio key frames.”
  3. Now select the animation conversion script which will ask you to choose which frames you want to convert. DONE!

We have had some excellent results using these tools on both static poses and animations.  If you are converting a large animation the process can take some time as each frame is copied over and adjusted.  One handy tip that might help you speed things up is that you can link several animations together on the timeline and convert them all at once.  After they have all been converted you can edit them into seperate blocks again to use with your new characters.

Batch conversion of static poses

If you have large sets of poses you want to convert between Genesis 2 Female and Genesis 3 Female, Pose Converter 3 allows you to do it in batches which can be immensely time saving.  You could even convert your entire pose library if you choose.  See below for more details.

Genesis 2 to Genesis 3 Pose Converter

We hope you find these tools useful and are able to give your old content a new lease of life!