Updated GoFigure aniMate blocks for Victoria 8 and Genesis 8

Updated GoFigure aniMate blocks for Victoria 8 and Genesis 8

By Kano | 8th February 2018 | 9:00 PM

Daz Animation can be lots of fun!  If you are trying to animate with DAZ Studio, there are a few tools you can use to make Daz timeline animation much more fully featured.  All it takes is a few easy to use plugins, and animating in DAZ Studio can become an absolute delight, even for beginners. 

DAZ Animation with Animate 2

The aniMate2 plugin was designed to overcome DAZ studio’s limitations and help make animating fun again.  It accomplishes this with the use of animation blocks that can be moved around and chained together to build up entire sequences.  You can download packs of animations from daz3d and even customise and tweak these to create your own unique blocks.

It has been quite some time since we have seen any new updated blocks released for the aniMate 2 plugin so we were thrilled to see a bunch of updated content packs for the Victoria 8 and Genesis 8 models. These packs were originally released by GoFigure for the Victoria 4  / Michael 4 characters.  They included some awesome content including belly dancing, martial arts and hip hop dance moves!  See below a complete list of all the updates.

Updated Content

aniMate Idles for Victoria 8

aniMate Hip Hop Moves 1 for Victoria 8

aniMate Martial Arts Boxing for Victoria 8

aniMate Martial Arts Kicks for Victoria 8

aniMate Martial Arts Combos for Victoria 8

aniMate Walk Construction Kit for Victoria 8

aniMate Walk Styles 1 for Victoria 8

aniMate Belly Dancing for Victoria 8

aniMate Runway Construction Kit for Victoria 8

Speed up your workflow and have lots of fun animating with Daz Studio

GoFigure is also responsible for creating several incredible plugins that can turn Daz studio into a fully capable animation suite.


keyMate brings traditional keyframe animation to Daz Studio.  This plugin allows you to visually edit and fine tune your animations with a much greater level of accuracy.  Save time and speed up your workflow by editing multiple keys at once.  keyMate has a familiar control system and allows you to quickly navigate to sections of your animation or view the whole scene with ease.


graphMate is a simple yet powerful plugin that allows you to make huge changes to your animations quickly and effortlessly using a visual graph of keyframes.  This can be used as a superb companion to the keyMate plugin or as a standalone tool.  The graph editor uses a simple drag and drop interface that is very easy to use.   It will allow you to visually edit keys and fine tune movements even whilst the animation is playing.  Combine graphMate with keyMate for the ultimate traditional keyframe animation experience!

We will be reviewing both these plugins in much greater detail in future tutorials. Using these plugins together with aniMate2 makes creating animation with Daz 3D a pleasure.  We sincerely hope to see more aniblocks soon from GoFigure and hope other DAZ 3d artists will follow suit.