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Genesis 8 Female

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Sarai for Genesis 8 Female – Daz Celebrity

Daz Celebrity 3D Model

Sarai for Genesis 8 Female is another original creation by the artist Kadaj15. We paired this character with some fantasy scenes and the results were spectacular. If you need a hollywood actress for your scenes take a look at some of the impressive test renders.

Sarai is combination of custom morphs and also uses the glamorous Penny 8. Additionally she uses the Genesis 8 Female Head and Body morphs. If you dont already own these, they are incredibly powerful and easy to use morph packs that are featured in our create a Daz celebrity tutorials.


Shape Presets

Includes seperate head and body and morphs for Sarai.


Materials are all Iray.
1 Sarai Iray MAT and 5 Eye, Lip and makeup options including custom lip and eyeshadow options. Also includes a no brow option.


Unless stated on, or other vendor sites, this character is in no way endorsed or affiliated with any person/s named on this page. To clarify, the celebrity comparison has been made for parody and entertainment purposes only. Furthermore please check vendors site for full licence details.

Additional Requirements

As always for full details please check vendors site.

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