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Joelle for Genesis 8 Female

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Welcome back, fellow Daz enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into the world of Joelle for Genesis 8 Female, a charming 3D character model by the talented Kadaj15. This petite, free-spirited model may bear a resemblance to a certain Canadian actress known for her roles in both horror and sci-fi films.  We have reviewed around 10 of Kadaj15’s characters in the past.  Click here to see more of their work. Otherwise let’s focus on the juicy details of this mesmerizing digital persona.


Joelle’s materials are designed for optimal performance with Daz Studio’s Iray rendering engine. The package includes a base skin material, along with seven eye colors, seven lip colors, and seven makeup options. Additionally, you’ll find a natural face and lip option for those au naturel renders. The artist has even thrown in a Geoshell with two blush options to give Joelle that extra touch of realism.


Joelle’s custom sculpted head morph is as unique as they come, ensuring that she stands out from the crowd. However, you will need the Genesis 8 Female Body Morphs package to bring her full-bodied splendor to life. With the detailed morphs provided, you’ll have no trouble creating a wide range of expressions and emotions for our starlet. Just don’t forget the popcorn!


Unless stated on, or other vendor sites, this character is in no way endorsed or affiliated with any person/s named on this page. To clarify, the celebrity comparison has been made for parody and entertainment purposes only. Furthermore please check vendors site for full licence details.

Kadaj15 has kindly made Joelle available for both commercial and non-commercial renderings. However, please be aware that this is NOT a merchant resource. So, while you can cast Joelle as the star of your next digital masterpiece, you can’t use her assets to create your own 3D models for sale.

What can this model be used for

Joelle’s versatility makes her the perfect choice for a wide range of digital art projects. Whether you’re looking to create a poster for the next chilling horror flick or perhaps crafting a thrilling sci-fi adventure, Joelle’s got you covered. With her petite frame and spirited personality, she’s ready to conquer the digital world, one render at a time.

Comparison to Similar Characters

Kadaj15 has a history of creating striking 3D models, and Joelle is no exception. While some of the artist’s previous characters could benefit from a bit of refinement, Joelle stands tall among her peers. Compared to other similar celebrity-inspired characters, Joelle’s shaping, materials, and overall quality place her among the top contenders.  We certainly haven’t found any competitors for this characters likeness so she is  highly unique.

Our Rating

Level of Detail: 8.5/10
Render Speed: 9/10
Additional Features: 8/10

Joelle for Genesis 8 Female – Overall

In conclusion, Joelle for Genesis 8 Female is a delightful addition to any Daz Studio user’s library. Her charming personality, combined with her high-quality materials and custom morphs, make her a must-have for digital artists and enthusiasts alike.  So, go ahead and give Joelle a spin, and let her take your renders to new heights.  Also we’d love to see what you create with her, so leave a review and let us know!


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