Jessica Alba – P3D Jenifer

Jessica Alba Celebrity 3D Model Lookalike

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About the Celebrity

Jessica Alba is a famous actress who had her first role at the young age of thirteen in the movie “Camp Nowhere”.  She continued to appear in numerous other films and television shows untill she got her true breakthrough role in James Cameron’s Dark Angel.  I always find it interesting that James Cameron directed and the cyber punk theme certainly plays to his sci fi strengths!  The show is fantastic in case you have never checked it out, but who could expect any less from the director of the Terminator.

Following on from this she has continued to appear in hollywood hits.  Who can forget the terrifying ordeal she went through in Sin City!  Of course when I think of Jessica Alba I usually remember her for her role in the fantastic four movies.  This in fact was the first time I had seen her perform in anything and the irony of course was that she was playing the invisible woman.


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