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Dior HD for Genesis 8 Female

Daz Celebrity 3D Model – Key Facts

  • Dior HD is designed for Genesis 8 Female, featuring high-definition details suitable for Daz Studio 4.22 and various bridges to C4D, 3ds Max, Unreal, Unity, Maya, and Blender.
  • Offers 68 texture maps, with resolutions up to 4k for photorealistic rendering.
  • Includes extensive shaping options such as complete apply/remove presets, fibermesh brows, peach fuzz, and customizable anatomical elements for personalized character creation.
  • Available with optional Interactive and 3D Printing License add-ons, enhancing its usability in interactive applications and physical 3D prints.
  • Rated highly for its level of detail (9/10), render speed (8/10), and additional features (9/10), making it a versatile and detailed choice for digital artists and 3D enthusiasts.


We are giving Genesis 8 a lot of love today and for the next few weeks as we review a bunch of characters for this generation.  Dior HD for Genesis 8 Female has been crafted by the renowned Mousso along with the Daz Originals team. Mousso is a name that’s no stranger to our database, having dazzled us with 10 of their creations before. Dior promises to inject a dose of high-definition realism into your scenes. But does she live up to the hype? Let’s find out!

Aren’t I pretty!


Dior HD doesn’t skimp on quality. With 68 texture maps ranging from 2k to 4k, she’s a treasure trove of detail. The materials are designed to take full advantage of the Daz Studio Iray renderer, ensuring your character not only stands out but also blends seamlessly into any scene with photorealistic accuracy.  She includes Fibermesh brows and also anatomical elements for artists that require it.  Additionally there are a couple of L.I.E (layered image editor) options for blush and brows as well as nail colors and more.


The shaping options are where Dior truly shines. From a comprehensive set of apply/remove presets for the body and head (HD included) to customizable fibermesh brows and peach fuzz, Dior offers a nice level of versatility that’s essential for crafting unique shots, especially detailed close ups.  You will also finding shaping options for her lashes, nails, navel and other areas.


Dior comes with optional license add-ons: an Interactive License and a 3D Printing License. These additions are perfect for artists looking to extend their creative reach beyond the digital screen, whether it’s through interactive applications or tangible 3D prints, though it’s worth noting that discounts or offers don’t apply to these add-ons.

Please note that unless explicitly stated on Daz3d.com, Renderosity.com, or other vendor sites, this character is not endorsed or affiliated with any person/s mentioned on this page. Any celebrity comparison made is solely intended for parody and entertainment purposes. Furthermore please check vendors site for full licence details.

What can this model be used for

It’s easy to find a range of digital art works suitable for this character. Dior could star as the unspoken hero in a sci-fi epic or be a great character in contemporary artworks. Her detailed realism and extensive customization make her suitable for a wide range of projects, from animation to static scenes. We like to think of her as not just a character; she’s a storyteller!

Comparison to Similar Characters

When stacked against other Genesis 8 Female characters, Dior holds her ground. The level of HD detail, combined with her unique material and shaping options, sets her apart. While other models may boast similar features, Dior’s comprehensive package and the pedigree of Mousso’s design work provides a value that’s hard to match.

Our Rating

Level of Detail: 9/10
Render Speed: 8/10
Additional Features: 9/10

Dior HD excels in detail and features, making her a standout choice for artists seeking depth and versatility in their characters. While her high-definition textures may challenge render speeds on less powerful systems, the trade-off is a character of unmatched realism and presence.

Dior HD for Genesis 8 Female – Overall

We love Mousso’s work and hope to see more in the future.  Dior packs a lot of nice features from fibermesh hair to extensive shaping options.  She also has quite a unique look that sets her apart from more generic Daz female characters.  Overall there is a lot of value to be had in this character pack.  Have fun with her and share your creations with us!


Genesis 8, Genesis 8 Female


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