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KrashWerks ALYSSA for Genesis 8 Female

Daz Celebrity 3D Model – Key Facts

  • Alyssa is a detailed 3D model by KrashWerks for Genesis 8 Female, offering various Iray Material presets and shaping options.
  • The model includes multiple customization options, such as 8 sets of makeup, eye shaders, nail shaders, and lip shaders.
  • Despite a slightly slower render speed (8/10), Alyssa scores high in level of detail (9/10) and additional features (9/10). This makes her a great addition to any Daz3D character collection.
KrashWerks ALYSSA for Genesis 8 Female
KrashWerks ALYSSA for Genesis 8 Female


Hailing from the digital realms of KrashWerks,  ‘ALYSSA for Genesis 8 Female’ sweeps onto your Daz3D stage like a shining starlet fresh from the silver screen.  This is now the fourth character by KrashWerks that we have reviewed.  Alyssa brings a touch of Hollywood glam to your virtual portfolio, radiating a ‘blonde bombshell’ vibe that one could imagine fitting perfectly in an action-packed sci-fi epic or a brain-twisting modern-day mystery. Now let’s unmask this pixel-perfect diva, shall we?


KrashWerks has given Alyssa the complete spa treatment. This model comes fully equipped with full Iray Material presets, including eye brow options. This attention to detail adds depth to Alyssa’s looks and ensures versatility for any given scene or story. What’s more, with 8 makeup sets, eye shaders, nail shaders, and lip shaders, you could practically open your virtual beauty parlour. The gloss levels on those lips are the cherry on top, with options ranging from ‘barely-there’ to ‘dazzlingly radiant’. KrashWerks didn’t forget Alyssa’s toes either – they’ve provided Iray Genesis 8 Female Genital Material Presets too.


Alyssa arrives with a meticulously crafted form. Thanks to the Full Character Preset, it’s as if the artist took a fine chisel to a block of digital marble, revealing a statuesque beauty beneath. Further, with the application of the Separate Apply/Remove presets for Full Character, Body, Head, Lashes, and Nipples, the detailing on Alyssa is truly next level. If ever there was an argument for considering 3D modelling as art, Alyssa would be exhibit A.


The fine print reveals that all the contents of this product are copyright 2022 KrashWerks. It means that while Alyssa is yours to pose and showcase, her DNA remains the intellectual property of KrashWerks, so she can’t be repurposed for redistribution. Remember, folks, imitation is the highest form of flattery, but plagiarism is just plain rude!

This character, unless explicitly stated on,, or other vendor sites, is not endorsed by or affiliated with any person/s named on this page. To clarify, we have made the celebrity comparison strictly for parody and entertainment purposes. Furthermore, please check the vendor’s site for full license details.

What can this model be used for

Alyssa would be an exquisite addition to any sci-fi or modern-day story. She’s got that dazzling appearance that hints at hidden depths – perfect for a secretive leading lady or a cunning villainess. Given her striking features, she could also make for a memorable model for a virtual fashion shoot, or perhaps the ethereal goddess in a fantasy epic. In fact, Alyssa is so versatile that you might find yourself casting her in more roles than you initially planned!

Comparison to Similar Characters

While it’s not the Oscars, and we don’t have a red carpet, Alyssa easily stands out amongst the glitterati in our database at Her unique features and the level of detail included by KrashWerks set her apart, allowing her to hold her own in the face of stiff competition.

Our Rating

Level of Detail: 9/10
Render Speed: 8/10
Additional Features: 9/10

Sylvine For Genesis 8 Female – Overall

KrashWerks ALYSSA for Genesis 8 Female is a complete package that gives you ample room to be creative with its high-quality materials and customizable shaping. It’s a great option for any Daz3D user looking to add some Hollywood glam to their 3d art. We also applaud KrashWerks’ commitment to delivering a product that not only looks stunning but also provides users with a variety of options to modify and adapt the model to their specific needs.

That being said, the render speed could use a bit of tuning. But, in the grand scheme of things, it’s a small hitch in an otherwise smooth ride.

In conclusion, Alyssa would be a star addition to any Daz3D user’s digital cast. She may not be walking the red carpet, but she’ll definitely be stealing the show in your digital creations. No need to thank us when you win your virtual “Oscar”! Just remember, it’s not just the star that makes the show, but the creative genius behind the scenes – and that, dear friend, would be you.


Genesis 8, Genesis 8 Female


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