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Bahar for Genesis 8 Female

Daz Celebrity 3D Models – Key Facts

  • Highly Detailed Textures: Bahar features photo-realistic skin textures with bump, normal, and specular maps for an authentic look.
  • Extensive Customization: Includes unique morphs for the head, body, smile, iris, and more, along with multiple eye, lip, and makeup options.
  • User-Friendly Morphs: Customizable chest morph designed for easy clothing fitting, enhancing usability.


We’re continuing our roundup of Genesis 8 characters by Vicey3D. Introducing Bahar for Genesis 8 Female. If you’re familiar with Vicey3D’s previous works, you know they consistently deliver high-quality 3D character models, and Bahar is another example. Possibly Inspired by a well-known celebrity! Bahar is perfect for a variety of projects, from glamorous fashion scenes to intense drama renders. So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what makes Bahar a standout model.

Headshot of daz3d character - Bahar for Genesis 8 Female


The character includes a detailed face texture and skin, achieved through a combination of photo references and hand-painted textures. This blend gives Bahar a unique, realistic appearance that looks very nice with the Iray renderer. If you read our previous review of V3D Anika, we felt that this character slightly missed the mark with the materials.  This however is not true for Bahar! The skin textures include full-body maps with bump, normal, and specular options, providing a rich and nuanced look under various lighting conditions. Additionally, you get a range of eye, lip, and makeup options, allowing for customization in your projects.


The model includes handmade morphs for the face and body, ensuring a unique and realistic look. Bahar comes with specific morphs for the head, body, breasts, nipples, navel, and even a unique smile and iris morph. These morphs are easy to apply and remove, making it simple to fit Bahar into any scene or outfit.  One particularly thoughtful feature is the customizable breast morph, designed to ease the process of fitting clothing. This attention to detail from Vicey3D enhances Bahar’s all round usability.


Unless explicitly stated on,, or other vendor sites, this character is not endorsed by or affiliated with any person or persons mentioned on this page. To clarify, we have made the celebrity comparison strictly for parody and entertainment purposes. Furthermore, please check the vendor’s site for full license details.

Bahar for Genesis 8 Female includes the typical licence structure that Vicey3D’s other characters have.  You have an extended licence option should you need it.

If you have specific licencing questions we’d recommend checking out the renderosity website.  You can also reach out to to get the full legal lowdown.

What can this model be used for

Bahar’s realistic features make her ideal for a multitude of digital art projects. Her likeness adds an element of glamour, making her perfect for fashion renders, portraits, and contemporary scenes. Additionally, her versatile morph options and detailed textures make her suitable for more creative endeavors, including fantasy and sci-fi themes where a touch of reality can enhance the overall impact.

Comparison to Similar Characters

Compared to other characters by Vicey3D, such as Anika, Bahar holds a distinct advantage with her unique smile morph and fibermesh eyebrows, adding extra layers of realism. While Anika excels mainly when used with the correct makeup, Bahar’s face morphs and additional features like the custom breasts morph offer more versatility. Both characters are highly detailed and customizable, but Bahar’s unique features might give her an edge.

Our Rating

  • Level of Detail: 9/10 – Bahar’s detail is impressive, with intricate skin textures and a range of morphs that bring her to life.
  • Render Speed: 9/10 – Optimized for Iray, ensuring smooth and efficient rendering.
  • Additional Features: 8/10 – The smile morph and fibermesh eyebrows are excellent additions, though reliance on additional morph packs might be a slight annoyance to hobbyist Daz users.

Bahar for Genesis 8 Female – Overall

Bahar for G8F is one of Viceys3D’s more interesting characters that combines beauty, detail, and versatility.  With her high-quality materials, detailed morphs, and unique features, Bahar is well-suited for a variety of uses, from glamorous portraits to dynamic scenes. While there are minor drawbacks, such as the need for additional morph packs, Bahar’s strengths make her a valuable addition to any 3D artist’s collection.

Stay tuned for more reviews on top-tier Daz Studio models and stay updated with the latest in 3D artistry!


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