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Evlin HD for Genesis 8 Female

Daz Celebrity 3D Models – Key Facts

  • Impressive Shaping Options: Sculpted in Zbrush with a specially raised cornea morph for realistic eye reflections, enhancing the overall realism of the character.
  • High-Quality Textures: Evlin HD features an exclusive tan line make up option.
  • Interactive and 3D Printing Licenses: Offers flexibility for video game use and 3D printing.


Evlin HD for Genesis 8 Female is the second creation that we’ve reviewed by promising artist Emrys.  If you’re reading this from the future and want to check her other lookalike characters, click here for her database entries. Evlyn is a photorealistic character that the artist says can pull off girl-next-door charm all the way up to supermodel allure.  Read on to see what we thought of her!

Check my tan lines out!


Evlin HD has been creating using high-quality photo references. The skin textures are rich in detail and depth, ensuring a lifelike appearance in renders. The package includes 84 texture, bump, specular, and transparency maps, at up to 4k resolutions. This makes Evlin a good choice for those high-definition close-ups where every pore and freckle needs to be spot on.  Makeup, lip, and eye options are aplenty, giving you the freedom to create a specific look for your project.


Evlin’s shaping options are decent. Sculpted uniquely in Zbrush, her head and body morphs offer a lot of customization.  Her longer custom nails and lashes are a unique feature, as well as Fibermesh eyebrows in eight colors.  She also has a specially raised cornea morph to make her eyes glisten with realistic reflections. These are very impressive in up close shots.


Unless explicitly stated on Daz3d.com, Renderosity.com, or other vendor sites, this character is not endorsed by or affiliated with any person or persons mentioned on this page. To clarify, we have made the celebrity comparison strictly for parody and entertainment purposes. Furthermore, please check the vendor’s site for full license details.

Licensing options for Evlin HD are the usual Daz3D affair. You can snag the Interactive License, allowing you to use this character in video games or other interactive applications. If you’re into 3D printing, there’s an add-on that opens up a world of tangible possibilities.

What can this model be used for

Evlin HD is a jack-of-all-trades. Her adaptable look makes her ideal for a variety of projects. Whether you’re working on a sci-fi epic needing a tough yet elegant warrior or a contemporary piece where she plays the charming lead, Evlin fits the bill. Her detailed textures and versatile morphs make her a strong contender for both still renders and animated projects.

Comparison to Similar Characters

When compared to other Genesis 8 Female characters, Evlin stands out with her high level of detail and extensive customization options. While some models offer generic presets, Evlin includes a unique tan line material and custom nails and lashes.

Our Rating

  • Level of Detail: 9/10 – The textures and morphs are well thought out and look great.
  • Render Speed: 8/10 – High-resolution textures mean longer render times, but the results are worth the wait.
  • Additional Features: 9/10 – The range of makeup, lip, and eye options is impressive, and the tan lines and sculpted eyes are a nice touch.

Evlin HD for Genesis 8 Female– Overall

Evlin HD for Genesis 8 Female is a well-rounded, highly detailed model that offers a plethora of customization options. Emrys has done a fantastic job creating a character that’s both versatile and photorealistic.  We will be keeping an eye on this artist and adding more reviews of any celebrity lookalike characters they create to the database

Overall, Evlin is a fantastic addition to any Daz Studio user’s library, and we highly recommend giving her a spin in your next project.

And there you have it, folks! Until next time, happy rendering!


Genesis 8, Genesis 8 Female


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