Aino HD For Genesis 8 Female

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Genesis 8 Female

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Aino HD For Genesis 8 Female

Daz Celebrity 3D Model

Welcome to another exciting review at! Today, we’re diving into the world of 3D celebrity lookalikes with a deep dive into a character that would make the perfect heroine in your next mysterious drama or thrilling espionage project. Meet Aino HD for Genesis 8 Female, a stunning and high-definition character by iSourceTextures.


Aino HD is designed with incredible attention to detail. Boasting realistic skin textures (4096×4096), you’ll notice subtle imperfections like minor scars and blemishes that give her a truly lifelike appearance. She has 10 L.I.E makeup options. 

If you are unfamiliar with L.I.E makeup in Daz Studio, it is an easy way to put makeup on characters. It uses layers to mix different textures, making the character look unique. This method gives artists control and helps them make amazing makeup effects for various character types. She also has 10 nail, lip and eye colors.  Plus, she features Fibermesh Lashes, adding another layer of realism to this already captivating character.


Custom shaped in Zbrush with a strong and defined head, Aino HD is built at SubD Level 4, ensuring the highest level of detail. The shaping presets include a full character option. There are also HD details, body, head, and Fibermesh eyelashes, allowing you to adjust her appearance as needed to suit your project.


Aino HD for Genesis 8 Female comes with a few optional license add-ons for those looking to expand their usage. In addition to the base price, you can choose from an Interactive License (currently at a 57% discount) or a 3D Printing License for a small additional fee. Remember, no discounts or offers apply to License Add-Ons unless specified.

Unless stated on, or other vendor sites, this character is in no way endorsed or affiliated with any person/s named on this page. To clarify, the celebrity comparison has been made for parody and entertainment purposes only. Furthermore please check vendors site for full licence details.

What can this model be used for

This captivating character would make a brilliant protagonist in any mysterious or thrilling project you’re cooking up. She could play the role of an undercover operative, a powerful sorceress, or even a time-traveling adventurer. The possibilities are endless with Aino HD, and her versatility ensures she’ll fit perfectly into any storyline.

Comparison to Similar Characters

We have not seen another character based on this likeness before.  She is also the first addition to our database by iSourceTextures. We will certainly be looking forward to reviewing more of their work in the future.

Aino HD stands out among similar characters thanks to her stunning level of detail and lifelike textures. Aino’s realistic imperfections and striking appearance truly make her special. iSourceTextures has truly outdone themselves with this character, creating a unique and versatile option for Daz Studio users.

Our Rating

Level of Detail: 9.5/10
Render Speed: 8.5/10
Additional Features: 9/10

Aino HD For Genesis 8 Female – Overall

In conclusion, Aino HD for Genesis 8 Female is an exceptional character model that will bring a sense of realism and intrigue to your digital art projects. With her astounding level of detail, lifelike materials, and customizable shaping options, she’s sure to become a valuable addition to your 3D celebrity lookalike collection. Don’t miss the chance to add Aino HD to your library – your future projects will thank you for it!

Speaking of future projects,  if you want a little inspiration don’t forget to visit our gallery pages!


Genesis 8, Genesis 8 Female

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