RY Kian for Michael 8 – Daz Celebrity


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Genesis 8 Male

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Daz Studio
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RY Kian for Michael 8 – Daz Celebrity

Daz Celebrity 3D Model

RY Kian for Michael 8 is a high definition figure available at DAZ3D. com.

This adult male figure has been developed from the ground up to take advantage of the newer technologies provided by DAZ Studio 4. He is a custom morph for Michael 8 and includes a special face scar preset. Also uses high-quality textures created from HD photos. Additional head geometry is included to make the face more assymetric and natural looking. Even better, it is compatible with all of the Michael 8 poses.

This character would be perfect in any space drama or scifi render, but it will work well in contemporary scenes as well. Perhaps you want to recreate a scene from a film with the Ironman suit, or create a future soldier for a science fiction novel. He’s a perfect fit for any of scene you find yourself exploring. This will allow you to create endless possibilities for your renders!

In fact we created some scenes involving laser swords, then tried him in a suit and courtroom setting! We will add these tothe Gallery page soon if you want to see the results!
Oooh look at me!

RY Kian for Michael 8 has custom HD look at me eyes. These are highly realistic Iris colors, textured separately for added realism. Additionally, it includes an alternate set of supernatural colors which are appropriate for fantasy themed images.

Look At Me Eyes product description page is located here.

Thanks for reading this article, and we hope it helped you! We can’t wait to see your 3d renders featuring this awesome figure.


Shape Presets

Includes custom head and body morphs. Also features Look At Me Eyes presets as well as custom scars.


4 eye color options and fiber brow and beard choices.


Unless stated on Daz3d.com, Renderosity.com or other vendor sites, this character is in no way endorsed or affiliated with any person/s named on this page. To clarify, the celebrity comparison has been made for parody and entertainment purposes only. Furthermore please check vendors site for full licence details.

Additional Requirements

For full details please check vendors site.

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