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4.  Parameter limits

The human face comes in an unlimited variety of shapes and sizes.  A good morph package can help you achieve close results but it may be necessary to push the dials further to achieve a certain result.  You can get some extra morph out of these dials by turning parameters off.

Parameters. Daz Studio 3D model

To do this click on the cog in the upper right corner of the morph dial and select ‘Parameter Settings’.  Next untick the ‘Use Limits’ box.

Use Limits Parameter. Daz Studio 3D model

A note of caution, observe carefully the effect that your unrestrained dial has on the mesh of your model. Some morphs can be pushed a lot further whilst others will cause the mesh to distort or create other undesirable effects.  Make small adjustments to begin with, be patient and you will succeed!

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