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    Kath H

    Anyone using the built in facebuilder in daz studio? It was a new feature that could transform a photo into a 3d head but I never had a chance to experiment with it. I’ve used various face blenders online etc.  I guess learning how to make a model face from scratch is the only way to get perfect results!  But can anyone here recommend a realistic face creator?


    Hi Kath, there are some good daz studio plugins that have been around for a while such as FaceGen. I haven’t tried the built in facebuilder but please bare in mind that it always help to have some skills using basic dformers in daz studio etc so that you can edit the final mesh. Also I would definately recommend you get some good merchant resources to build custom skin as that really can make a characters look!

    Terry Smith

    I think if you want to get the best effect you shouldn’t just create a face. You will want a plugin that allows you to create a full 3d head model including ears and full head shaping etc and not just a 3d face. I used to do a lot of character creation in poser back in the day but its been a while now. Does anyone here actually still use 3d poser stuff in their work!? Or has everyone switched to Daz Studio as their primary modeller / scene creator? There were lots of plugins I used to have such as the 3d human model maker and envirolight studio etc which I loved. Just getting back into digital art stuff after a decade and a half so its fascinating to see the progression. Anyway all the best with your 3d face model!

    Craig Smith

    Greetings Terry! I started with poser but only use Daz Studio now, mainly cuz the daz store is way more supported. I cant say I remember the plugin you mentioned, did you mean human maker 3d? There were lots of 3rd party plugins out there and some were actually quite good for the victoria 4 generation etc! I remember another called 3d person maker and then there was also realistic face maker and random face generator etc, they all had similar names!
    It’s a great time for digital art with so many new tools out there. There are also tons of good tutorials for daz studio that take the guess work out. All the best!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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