Top Dinosaur 3D Models 2021

Dinosaurs capture the imagination like nothing else. It may be their massive size, their long-lost legacy. Whatever the reason, they are an incredibly popular subject for artists and filmmakers alike.

A Dinosaur 3D Model can be used to add interest to many projects such as video games, cartoons or animations. There is no better way to celebrate these creatures than with a stunning work of 3D art. Here we have rounded up some of our favourite Dinosaur 3D models to help you breathe life back into these awesome creatures.

1. Tyrannosaurus Rex 3D

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A great place to start with Dinosaur 3D models is, of course, the king of the dinosaurs himself. With its iconic bone crushing jaws and terrifying roars, Tyrannosaurus Rex has fascinated children and adults for generations.

This model captures all that terror in amazing detail. The texture work is stunning, with individual scales and wrinkles to give the skin a life-like quality. But it’s the attention to detail that really makes this Tyrannosaurus Rex 3D model shine through. The muscles look like you can see them moving underneath his skin while the teeth are incredibly realistic, just waiting to chow down on some terrified victim. Includes 4k and 8K textures which render really fast in daz studio.

This set also includes male and female versions as well as feathers to keep the look as scientifically accurate as possible.

2. Velociraptor (Deinonychus)

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You may not realise it, but the famous movie version of the Velociraptor is actually modelled on another dinosaur called Deinonychus.

Deinonychus was a small sleek dinosaur which used their speed and razor sharp claws to take down prey in the early cretaceous period. Their hunting style was very similar to that of modern day eagles, dismembering their victims with anything from claws to bites.

This dinosaur 3D model seems inspired by the movies. But it is still very much in line with modern scientific thought. It comes to life with the help of detailed textures. These have been hand painted for maximum realism. The skin looks incredibly realistic while the claws are sharp and dangerous looking. An ideal asset for any serious dino fan!

3. HH Triceratops

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Triceratops are one of the most recognisable dinosaurs thanks to its prominent three horns, large body and imposing stature. Triceratops are herbivores , but that didn’t stop them from being real crowd pleasers at the dino parks of the Cretaceous period!

Many different species and subspecies have been found. Each of these are unique in their own way. This HH Triceratops 3D Model is a great looking rendition of this iconic dinosaur with plenty of detail to really bring it to life. The skin looks fantastic, especially around the face where lines are picked out to show different textures which are accentuated by the specular lighting.

The textures are fantastic with plenty of detail to capture even the smallest aspects of this dinosaur. The model itself is highly detailed, with individual scales and wrinkles to give it an authentic look and feel.

This 3D model is a hand sculpted work of art which has been fully rigged for animation. It includes 12 poses, each with easy to use controls so you can get the perfect look for your daz studio project.

4. Dinosaur Exhibition Gallery

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Now for something a little different! The Dinosaur Exhibition Gallery includes everything you need to create your own dino themed museum environment in daz studio. The exhibition hall model itself is fantastic, with plenty of detail and furnishings.

The included dinosaurs are equally as impressive, with a fully rigged tyrannosaurus rex capable of all types of animation. All this makes it an ideal starting point for a wide range of scenes, from full CG animation projects to just a still background.

5. Alamosaurus Dinosaur 3D Model

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The Alamosaurus 3D model is a fantastic looking quadrupedal dinosaur which roamed North America during the late cretaceous period. They were distant cousins of the well-known Brontosaurus and one of the largest dinosaurs to have ever lived, with some specimens measuring over 40 metres long!

Much like other quadrupedal dinos such as Brachiosaurus and Apatosaurus, Alamosaurus has a rather long neck that’s ideal for pulling down the taller trees of the woodland areas it inhabited. The skin on this 3D model is incredibly detailed. The fantastic texturing really brings out all its features.

The muscles are well defined while the teeth look razor sharp. Being an herbivore, Alamosaurus would have been incredibly peaceful creatures. This 3D model is a great addition to any dino collection and will fill out any dinosaur environment scene.

6. ArchaeopteryxDR – Extended License

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Archaeopteryx lithographica was a small bodied, tree dwelling dinosaur which existed during the Jurassic period. If evolutionary theory is correct, Archaeopteryx lithographica would have been one of the first dinosaurs to evolve from a reptilian ancestor.

The ArchaeopteryxDR – Extended License 3D model is a great looking replica of this unique dinosaur which does a fantastic job of capturing its features. The skin looks incredibly detailed with scales all picked out to give the whole thing an authentic look.

The feathered tail feathers are well defined while the wing membranes also look fantastic. This Archaeopteryx 3D model includes a complete set of controls for posing. It would be fantastic to see some animation with this impressive looking dinosaur.

7. HH Spinosaurus and Prey

Available Here

The more I research for this article the more fascinated I get by these prehistoric animals. Daz studio provides an environment to really bring them to life and see these huge monsters in microscopic detail!

Spinosaurus was a family of dinosaurs which lived in Africa during the early cretaceous period. They have one of the most unusual body structures among all carnivorous dinosaurs with a stiff sail on their backs and elongated jaws filled with sharp teeth, perfect for catching fish.

The Daz studio 3D model of this dinosaur is fantastic looking and captures all its features brilliantly. The skin looks very realistic and the various textures really bring it to life. This model also includes two species of prehistoric fish that this dinosaur would have preyed on. There are also interacting poses which will help you create super fast stunning scenes!

Spinosaurus was an incredibly large animal so the 3D model has been created at a huge scale, making it perfect for any large dino collection! HH Spinosaurus and Prey includes tons of controls to make posing easy and there’s also a complete collection of materials to really bring out all the great skin details.

8. Hell Creek Modules

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So you have loads of dinosaurs but nowhere for them to roam! Well Hell Creek Modules has you covered, with a complete collection of dino environment pieces which will help you build a huge prehistoric playground.

6 separate modules have been included including rocks, trees and bushes all ready to drop into your scenes. These elements are really easy to customize or adjust so if you need an extra tree or rock because one got eaten by T-Rex then that’s no problem. You can also adjust the height of everything to make it fit your scene perfectly!

The great thing about these modules are how they are all interconnected layers, wherever you put them in your scenes they will blend. So if you need a large wide open tundra space or maybe a deep dark forest then this collection will do the trick!

This all adds up to making your Daz studio worlds even more HUGE and realistic, perfect for any time period or setting. These modules are also great for getting the basics of a scene nailed down before you start adding in your dinosaur 3D model.


So there you have it. You now have loads of dino 3D models and an environment collection to help bring your scenes to life! Just dont get yourself eaten!

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