Chris Hemsworth – Jepe’s Jonah M4

Chris Hemsworth - Jepe's Jonah M4

Base Figure
Genesis 2 Male, Genesis and Michael 4
Works With
Daz Studio

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Chris Hemsworth – Jepe’s Jonah M4 – Celebrity 3D Model

Unless stated on, or other vendor sites, this model is in no way endorsed or affiliated with any person/s named on this page.  To clarify, names have been used for parody and entertainment purposes only.  Furthermore please check vendors site for full licence details.

About the Celebrity

Have you seen any of the Thor or Avengers movies created by Marvel Studios?  If you have then Chris Hemsworth should be no stranger to you.  He plays the mighty Agard warrior as he battles to undo his brother Odins evil deeds.  Chris first took on a Television role in the long running australian soap, home and away.  He has most recently starred in yet another Thor movie called Ragnarok.  We hope he will star in a bunch more marvel movies because we love his performances!

3D Model Description

This character is one of two results we have in our database.  It is compatible with Genesis 2 Male, Genesis and also Michael 4.  The character modelling is fantastic and the artist Jepe has been able to create a very good superhero likeness.  There are many texture options available including Iray and a ton of body hair options for that added realism.  You can also specify between dark and blonde hair or even shaven and unshaven.  We always like it when artists include extra details like this as it certainly distinguishes their work from other content creators.

We have one other similar character in the database.  Please check it out and tell us which is your favourite!

What’s included

Shape Presets

1 Head INJ/REM (Custom + Morphs++)

1 Body INJ/REM (Custom + Morphs++)


8 Face Texture Options

1 Shaven Darkblond Brows

1 Shaven Lightblond Brows

3 Unshaven With Darkblond Beards

3 Unshaven With Lightblond Beards

7 Body Texture Options


Hair Darkblond

Hair More Darkblond

Hairy Darkblond

Hair Lightblond

Hair More Lightblond

Hairy Lightblond

5 Eye Color Options

Textures Include

20 Face Texture/Bump/Specular/Displacement Maps (4096px4096)

16 Torso Texture/Bump/Specular/Displacement Maps (4096×4096)

12 Limbs Texture/Bump/Specular/Displacement Maps (4096×4096)

6 Eye Texture/Bump Maps (2000×2000)

1 Eye Transparency Map (2000×2000)

1 Cornea/Tear Bump Map (1000×1000)

6 Gen Texture/Bump/Specular/Transparency/Displacement Maps (2500×2500)

3 Mouth Texture/Bump/Specular Maps (2000×2000)

3 Lashes Texture/Displacement/Transparency Map (2000×2000)

P6+ Material Poses (PZ2)

P9 SSS Material Poses (PZ2)

Daz Studio Material Presets (.DSA)

Daz Studio Subsurface Material Presets (.DSA)

Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Additional Requirements

Please Note: There may be additional software requirements for this 3D model. For full details please check vendors site.


Standard + Optional Interactive Licence available


Genesis, Genesis 2, Genesis 2 Male, Michael 4

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