Toxies New Life – Daz Studio Render

Toxies New Life

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Created in Daz Studio and rendered with the Iray render engine.

Scene Composition



  • Light it up Iray Lights – We wanted a bright interior light and used the LIU 01 Render setting to achieve this.  We then created the effect of night by darkening the Glossy Color surface setting for the windows.


  • Adele for Genesis 3 Female – Used for the lefthand side background character.  We set the Adele material settings to the paler setting (Adele 02c Skin Tone 2).
  • Ophelia 7 – Righthand side background character used with Ophelia 7 skin and material settings.
  • Handsome Harvey Mutant for Genesis 3 Male – The star of the scene.  Used with the default Iray material.  This character bares a strong resemblence to Chunk from the Goonies as well as having the skin tone of the Toxic Avenger.