Free Daz3D Models and Content – November 2023

Limited Time Freebies for November 2023 – Get these while they last!

Welcome to the November Freebie update. November has been a little quiet but this isn’t really a suprise as we tend to see a lot of holiday offers from DAZ during December. Some of our favourite picks the month include a devastating spinosaurus that will terrify your audience! There are some free exotic indian belly dancing poses that can be easily converted to work with the latest genesis 9 characters. And finally we have a seasonal gingerbread house to get us all in the mood for the festive season. Enjoy the freebies and check back this december to find more free daz content.

*Please note item prices are correct as of the date of this article.

My Ginger Bread House 2023

This cute Ginger Bread House is a delightful free gift from the artist Muscleman, just in time for the holiday season. The model encapsulates the warmth and joy of the holidays, making it an ideal choice for scenes that require a touch of Christmas spirit. Its compatibility with a wide range of software, extends its use across various platforms.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Compatibility: Works with various bridges like Daz to Maya, Unity, Unreal, and more, ensuring easy integration into different workflows.
  • High-Quality Textures: Includes 12 detailed textures for normal and bump mapping, enhancing the realism of the gingerbread house.
  • Customizable Materials: Offers four gingerbread and plate materials, plus a material reset option for flexibility in design.
  • Iray Material Presets: Optimized for Daz Studio Iray, providing stunning and realistic render outputs.

BWC Poses of the Orient

BWC Poses of the Orient” by Sedor, a Daz Originals product, offers an exquisite collection of 20 Indian and Belly dance-inspired poses tailored for Stephanie 6 and other Genesis 2 Female characters. The poses, rich in cultural essence, bring a unique flair to 3D projects, ideal for scenes that require an exotic or cultural touch. The poses are well-crafted and versatile, though they may require some tweaking when used with various body morphs or clothing.

Key Features:

  • Culturally Rich Poses: 20 unique Indian and Belly dance-inspired poses that add an authentic cultural element to projects.
  • Versatility: Compatible with Genesis 2 Female characters, especially Stephanie 6, with minor adjustments for others.
  • Mirror Versions Included: Each pose comes with a mirrored version, doubling the creative options.
  • Daz and Poser Ready: Includes DAZ Studio and Poser Companion Files, enhancing usability across platforms.


Spinosaurus” by Daz Originals and Gorodin Vairesh is a stunningly detailed 3D model that represents one of the largest land predators in history. Its grandeur surpasses even that of the T-Rex, bringing a unique and formidable presence to any 3D scene. With ten total material areas and posable parts like the tongue and lower jaw, the model allows for highly dynamic and realistic posing. Get ready to make your favourite Daz characters run for their lives!

Key Features:

  • Highly Detailed Meshes: Offers two high-resolution meshes with different mapping techniques for versatility and realism.
  • Dynamic Posing: Posable tongue, lower jaw, fingers, and toes for creating realistic and dynamic scenes.
  • Multiple Texture Options: Includes a variety of skin colors and texture maps, with separate MAT files for easy application.
  • Compatibility and Versatility: Compatible with Poser, Daz to Blender, Unreal, and Unity bridges, expanding its usability across different platforms.

Aedis Catana

“Aedis Catana,” crafted by Nouschka Design and presented by Daz Originals, is a mystic and atmospheric 3D temple environment. It stands as a forgotten relic, imbued with the aura of ancient rituals and a sense of gradual decay. This set is highly adaptable, compatible with various software including Unity, Maya, and Poser. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide array of creative projects, particularly those requiring a touch of mystery or historical depth.

Key Features:

  • Diverse Prop Selection: Includes a base, burner set, chain set, corner set, and the temple itself, offering creative flexibility.
  • Easy Setup: One-click preload for the entire temple, ideal for quick scene composition.
  • High-Quality Textures: Detailed textures with bump and displacement maps, ensuring a realistic and immersive environment.
  • Compatibility Across Platforms: Supports multiple bridges to different software and Poser, enhancing its usability for various projects.

Realistic Leaves for Bryce

This is an essential asset for anyone working in Bryce, particularly those keen on crafting natural, outdoor scenes. This package comprises 25 highly detailed leaf designs, sampled from actual tree and bush specimens. The leaves, formatted in .MAT for seamless integration with Bryce Tree Lab, add a level of authenticity and depth to any nature themed design. This free pack offers a significant upgrade to the standard foliage available in Bryce.

Key Features:

  • Varied Collection: Includes 25 different leaf designs, providing a wide range of options for various tree types.
  • Realistic Textures: Each leaf is digitally recreated from real specimens, offering high authenticity in textures.
  • Seamless Integration: Formatted in .MAT, these leaves are ready for use in Bryce Tree Lab, allowing for straightforward application.
  • Bonus Bryce Scene: Comes with a bonus scene illustrating the potential of these leaves in creating a natural, tranquil environment.

Mecha Squadrons

Calling all Gundam and anime fans! This package enriches the Ultimate Modular Mecha Kit with four new color schemes, each tailored to evoke different themes and enrich your storytelling. The textures are detailed and well-rendered, with multiple texture maps for different parts of the mechas. This is perfect for creating your own animation or anime renders.

Key Features:

  • Four Unique Color Schemes: Each scheme caters to different thematic needs, offering a range of visual storytelling possibilities.
  • High-Quality Textures: Detailed texture maps for various mecha parts, enhancing the realism and visual appeal.
  • Comprehensive Compatibility: Works seamlessly with a wide range of software, facilitating integration into diverse workflows.
  • Versatility in Application: Suitable for different types of 3D projects, from sci-fi animations to game development.

Shades of Horizon

Shades of Horizon is a nice skin material pack designed to enhance the versatility of the Horizon Victoria 4 character. It includes 14 new looks, ranging from the gritty realism of Noir to the sun-kissed appeal of Tanned and Wet. Each shader is uniquely crafted without re-purposing from other sets. The high-resolution texture and bump maps ensure that every detail of the skin is captured beautifully in renders addin value to your Victoria 4 toolkit.

Key Features:

  • Wide Range of Skin Materials: 14 unique skin tones and finishes, each with an ‘Old’ version for added versatility.
  • High-Quality Textures: Includes 10 detailed texture and bump maps, enhancing the realism of the skins.
  • Customizability: Alternate skin materials for varied appearances, catering to diverse artistic needs.
  • Poser-Focused: Custom material presets designed specifically for Poser, ensuring seamless integration.

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