Free Daz3D Models and Content – February 2024

Limited Time Freebies for February 2024 – Get these while they last!

So far this month we have some free pose packs and props as well as some panthers and other wild animals! There are some classic clothing packs and accesories too. We particularly like the Sci Fi Bladed weapons which are so much fun to use! With a few simple Iray textures added to them, they look superb. They also work great as fantasy weapons too.

If you need chibi characters (cute toon characters), there is a clothing set available for the Daz Nana character. These could also fit other character with a little tweaking so well worth adding to your library. Check out the other offers this month below and enjoy your free stuff!

*Please note item prices are correct as of the date of this article.

BWC Olympia 6 Laying Poses

Includes 15 carefully designed laying poses that are both dynamic and natural. There are mirror poses too. With a little tweaking these also work great with other Genesis 2 Female characters. Can also be easily converted to work with Genesis 9.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Collection: Offers 15 unique laying poses plus their mirrored versions, providing a total of 30 options to enhance your scenes.
  • Compatibility: Designed for Olympia 6 but adjustable for use with other Genesis 2 Female characters, supported by Daz Studio 4.22 and various Daz bridges.
  • Easy Integration: Smooth installation process through multiple methods, including DazCentral and manual install, allowing for quick access and use.
  • Exclusive Add-Ons: Optional Interactive and 3D Printing licenses available, expanding the utility of these poses beyond digital renders to interactive and physical 3D models.

This daz freebie is great for enthusiasts and seasoned Daz Studio artists alike.

Sci Fi Bladed Weapons

The Sci Fi Bladed Weapons collection is one of our top freebie picks this month! This set is a comprehensive suite of sci-fi inspired blades that will breathe life into any digital art or video game. With a variety that spans from sleek katanas to axes, complete with extendable morphs, this package caters to a wide range of narrative possibilities. Includes three swords, a dagger, an ax, a bladestick, and a shuriken. Also comes with meticulously designed scabbards or pouches, enhancing the realism and depth of your scenes. We would recommend trying these with some newer Iray based shaders to get the best look in renders.

Supports iconic figures like Victoria 4 and Michael 4 and has smartprop options for both left and right hands, along with specific hand poses for Michael 4 and Victoria 4.

Key Features:

  • Diverse Arsenal: Features three swords, a dagger, an ax with an extend morph, a bladestick with blade retraction morphs, and a shuriken with a fold morph, each accompanied by their respective scabbards or pouches..
  • Detailed Texturing: Comes with 5 high-resolution texture maps (2048 x 2048), providing detailed and realistic finishes to each weapon.
  • Smart Props and Poses: Includes left and right hand smartprop versions and tailored hand poses for Michael 4 and Victoria 4, facilitating seamless integration into scenes.

Wicked Teen Accessories for Genesis

The Wicked Teen Accessories pac gives a fresh and youthful vibe to your Genesis character renders. Features essentials that every digital teenager would love to flaunt. Includes a snug winter beanie, sleek wireless headphones, a stylish flat-brimmed cap for those unruly hair days, and a pair of chic brand-name shoes.

Each accessory is designed with multiple adjustment morphs, ensuring a perfect fit for a wide array of character shapes. This includes Teen Julie and Justin, Victoria 4 and 5, and even includes character fits for the unique shapes of Freak 4 and Freak 5. These can also be fitted to the latest character generations with a little adjustment.

With additional matching material options for shoes and caps and a variety of headphone colors, the customization possibilities are endless, allowing for a personalized touch that can elevate any render.

Key Features:

  • Fashion-Forward Accessories: Includes a winter beanie, wireless headphones, a flat-brimmed cap, and stylish shoes, each with multiple morphs for custom fits.
  • Extensive Compatibility: Supports a wide range of Genesis figures and is compatible with key Daz bridges and Daz Studio 4.22, making it versatile for various projects.
  • Customization Galore: Offers matching material options for shoes and caps, alongside a rich palette of headphone colors, enabling deep personalization.

The Wicked Teen Accessories pack is a must-have for anyone looking to add a dash of contemporary style and realism to their teenage characters, ensuring that they stand out with trendiness and individuality.


The Panthers package from Daz Originals is another one of our favourites this month. This big cat is one of nature’s most elusive and majestic creatures. With its fully poseable figure and articulate eyes, the Panther model brings a level of realism and dynamism to scene despite the older age of this product. It’s perfect for creating a serene natural landscape or a dramatic encounter in the wild.

The inclusion of 13 morph targets and 9 pre-set poses allows for a wide range of expressions and body positions, from a menacing crouch ready to pounce to a relaxed stance. Includes two texture maps, one black and one spotted, carefully crafted to reflect the panther’s sleek and powerful physique. These textures, along with the detailed bump map, enhance the realism of the model, making it a valuable asset for any project requiring a touch of the wild.

Key Features:

  • Fully Poseable Figure: Enables the creation of dynamic scenes with the panther in various actions and stances.
  • Articulate Eyes: Adds depth and emotion to the model, allowing for more expressive and lifelike renders.
  • Extensive Morph Targets: With 13 morph targets, users can customize the panther’s appearance and expressions to fit the narrative of their art.
  • Pre-set Poses: Nine poses are included, ranging from aggressive to passive, providing a quick way to set the scene.
  • High-Quality Textures: Two texture maps (spotted and black) along with a bump map add detail and realism to the panther model.

Pronghorn Antelope

Well you got a free Panther so why not some prey to create a full scene! The Pronghorn Antelope package by Debra Ross, is a nice digital tribute to one of North America’s most iconic animals. This model encapsulates the essence of the pronghorn and is perfect for creating educational content, digital art, or virtual environments.

The model boasts a poseable body, including the neck, tail, and limbs, allowing for a wide range of naturalistic positions that capture the pronghorn’s dynamic posture and movements.

There are five head morphs, which enable artists to adjust the horn shape and length, muzzle shape, and mouth positions (open or closed). Additionally, with seven different poses included, users can quickly set up scenes ranging from serene grazing to alert stances, reflecting the pronghorn’s versatile behavior in the wild.

Key Features:

  • Poseable Body Parts: Enables dynamic positioning of the pronghorn for scenes that require movement or specific postures.
  • Customizable Head Morphs: Allow for personalization of horn shape, muzzle, and mouth positions, adding variety and specificity to renders.
  • Variety of Poses: Seven included poses help quickly depict the pronghorn in different scenarios, from peaceful to alert states.

Nana’s Clothing Pack 1 The Basics

Nana’s Clothing Pack is a charming collection by Daz Originals. It offers an array of essential wardrobe items designed specifically for the nana characters. With seven conforming clothing pieces ranging from a versatile bodysuit to adorable dress shoes with socks, this pack covers the essentials for creating a wide range of looks.

The attention to detail in the design and texturing of each item reflects a keen understanding of what makes children’s clothing both functional and fun. Each piece comes with high-resolution texture maps that add depth and realism to the garments. For instance, the dress textures are provided in a 3000×3000 resolution, ensuring that even the smallest details are crisp and visible. The inclusion of MAT poses for easy application of all options simplifies the process of customizing characters, allowing for quick changes that can match any scene or story’s mood.

Key Features:

  • Diverse Clothing Selection: Includes a bodysuit, dress, panties, cropped shirt, bike shorts, strapped shoes, and dress shoes with socks, catering to a variety of styles and occasions.
  • Easy Customization: MAT poses are included for all options, making it simple to apply different textures and styles to the clothing pieces.

Cookie Mixies Fashion Pants

Here is an addon for another chibi like character! Cookie Mixies Fashion Pants are an addition to the virtual wardrobe of the beloved character, Cookie. These pants fit well with both boots and shoes, thanks to the thoughtful inclusion of a no-cuff option. This versatility ensures that Cookie can sport these pants in a variety of settings, be it a relaxed day out or a more formal occasion.

These stylised characters are perfect for creating cartoon animations and content aimed at younger audiences.

Key Features:

  • Form-Fitting Design: Tailored to complement Cookie’s figure, these fashion pants offer a sleek and modern look that’s perfect for any virtual occasion.
  • Versatile Wear: The no-cuff option enhances the pants’ versatility, making them suitable for wearing with both boots and shoes, ensuring they can be styled for multiple looks.

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