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Animation is one of the most popular forms of graphics. It’s something that people can relate to and enjoy. It is often associated with shows and movies, but the animation industry has actually always been around. There are actually many different mediums from which animation can be created, but the two most common are: computer animation and motion graphics. Each of these has its own special aspects that have different impacts on people, depending on their age and personal preferences.

The first group of people who use animation in games are usually kids. They like cartoon characters and stories and find using motion-graphics more appealing. These can include things such as changing characters’ clothes, or moving objects around the screen. It doesn’t really matter what type of character you’re trying to show, because people are going to assume that it has to be animated in order for them to enjoy it. Most children enjoy watching cartoons and playing games with realistic lifelike characters, so this is really a big reason why animation is so important in mobile app development.