Daz3D Scarlet Witch

The Scarlet Witch is a very popular marvel character at the moment and a few of our users have asked us if there is a Daz Studio version of her. We have put this guide together to help you find all the assets you need to create your own Daz3d Scarlet Witch. This includes the base character and a few outfits to perfect her look as pictured below! We hope you enjoy!

Classic Scarlet Witch by Kadaj15

The Base Character – Lyzia for Genesis 8 Female

We have already featured Lyzia in our lookalike character database. She is the perfect Scarlet Witch character and matches the MCU characters look down to the smallest details. She is a Genesis 8 Female character and includes a range of makeup options to help you fine tune the look you need for your superhero scenes. Kadaj15 is a superb 3D artist who is responsible for creating this character. We highly recommend you check out more of their work! The preview image below shows her in a familiar pose

Available Here

Lyzia for Genesis 8 Female Daz Celebrity 3
Lyzia for Genesis 8 Female

Daz3D Scarlet Witch Costume Choices

The next step is to find the right outfit for your Scarlet Witch. At this stage it is important to consider if you require the classic comic book character look of the Scarlet Witch. Or are wanting to match the look presented by the MCU. Here are a few links to Scarlet Witch costumes to use with Lyzia.

Cosplay Costume 15 for V4 and A4 by TerryMcG

Cosplay Costume 15 is available for free from sharecg. This outfit closely resembles the authentic comic book look of the scarlet witch. You can see it featured at the start of the article. It includes 7 classic looking clothing items. These include her boots, cape, cloak, gloves, pantyhose and suit as well as her iconic mask.

Please note: The outfit was originally designed for Victoria 4 and Aiko 4 and will need some conversion to be used with Genesis 8 characters. If you are unsure on how to do this, we will be featuring a detailed guide very soon so please check back here.

Available Here

Cosplay Costume 15 for V4 and A4 by TerryMcG

MFR Scarlet Witch Outfit for Genesis 8 Female by INNModels

Next we have an outfit that more closely resembles MCU version of the Scarlet Witch. This outfit has been designed for Genesis 8 Female so there won’t be any compatibility issues to deal with. As you can see from the preview image below, this outfit includes detailing to the mask and body pieces as well as a necklace. Portions of the outfit are black in contrast to the classic all red look of the comic books.

This outfit has been created by INNModels. You can check out their details on deviantart. INNModels currently allows access to this item via their patreon page.

Available Here

Other Scarlet Witch Costume Choices

We thought we would include some extra Daz3D costume choices that closely match the scarlet witch look. The following items are all designed for Genesis 8 Female.

Top Tip: You can experiment with turning down the Cutout Opacity settings under the Surfaces tab for parts of the outfits you don’t want. Simply select the desired section of the clothing item then go the surfaces tab. Next select the editor and scroll down to Cutout Opacity.

Alter Cutout Opacity to remove portions of clothing items

dForce Lilikh Outfit and Weapons for Genesis 8 Female(s)

We absolutely love the look of the Lilikh outfit. It’s easy to see how portions of this armour could easily be used to create the Scarlet Witch look. For starters the headpiece is a very strong match and looks incredible. She has gorgeously detailed high heel boots. The gloves and body are also excellent and fit the comic book and fantasy genres perfectly. Finally she has some deadly claw weapons included with the outfit so dont mess with her!

Available Here

dForce X-Fighter Outfit and Weapons for Genesis 8 Female(s)

The X-Fighter Outfit is another superb choice to create a Daz3D Scarlet Witch. Her bodypiece is an excellent match and she also sports an alternative headpiece. Her stockings and gloves also match the classic Scarlet Witch look. The Image below doesn’t quite do it justice in black, but the outfit includes a crimson color so don’t worry! This outfit also includes a fearsome looking mace and spike weapon.

Available Here

We recommend mixing the Lilikh headpiece and boots with the X-Fighters Body, shoulders and gloves. Kadaj15 created some artwork over at renderosity which showcases a look close to this:

Source: Kadaj 15 – Renderosity


Thanks for reading this article, we hope you have found it helpful. Do you know of anymore links to Daz3D Scarlet Witch characters? Please send us your links and we will feature them on this page. As always please share your work with us and leave your comments below.