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Streets Of Rage -Sega Genesis / Sega Megadrive Retro Game Review


Streets Of Rage –  Sega Genesis / Sega Megadrive

Release Date:  August 2, 1991

Published By: Sega

Sega Genesis Streets_of_Rage_title

                                                             Bare Knuckle!

This classic Sega title is the first game in the streets of rage trilogy.  It set the pace for what is considered by many to be the best beat em series of all time. Streets of Rage was sega’s attempt at rivalling Capcoms final fight, which in itself is a great arcade style beat em up.

The storyline of streets of rage follows a typical late 80’s or early 90’s action movie premise. Our three heroes find themselves fighting for their once peaceful city.  At the outset of the game the city has been taken over by ‘the syndicate’.   This huge evil crime organisation is run by Mr X and his network of thugs. You play one of three cops: Axel Stone, Adam Hunter or Blaze Fielding, all of which have a different fighting style, but the same basic abilities.   The game centers on using these awesome fighting skills to take the city back, street by street!  Mainly by kicking massive butt.


Awesome Ass Kickery!

There are several game play mechanics in this title that make it very interesting.  Firstly the level of difficulty is consistently challenging from the start. I guarantee that this game will have you frantically mashing those sega genesis controller buttons and screaming out in rage at times!


The control scheme featured in this game is good and allows for a variety of moves, even though it only utilizes the Genesis B and C buttons. Of course we have the standard punch and jump kick attacks seen in many beat em ups. If you come into contact with an enemy you can grab hold of them and do an array of body slams or throws using the jump and attack buttons. The moves available alter depending on whether you grab an enemy from the front or from behind.

Calling for Backup!


If your health is running low or you are facing off with one of the level bosses, you can call for a police backup unit. You then get to see a cut scene of a police car driving up and launching one of several rocket propelled attacks depending on your character!

Each level in streets of rage gives you an increasing challenge and new types of enemies to fight. The levels are well designed and eye catching. As the storyline progresses you get to fight on the streets, a boat, in a factory and even on an elevator!

Yuzo Koshiro – The Master

There is one aspect of the streets of rage series that keeps me coming back to this game year after year. THE MUSIC! Yuzo Koshiro is the master mind behind the games awesome soundtrack, and it is still just as exciting to listen to today. I honestly can’t praise it enough. The 90’s electronic dance themes combine with the gameplay perfectly to give you a rollercoaster of thrills. Yes my nostalgia might make me slightly biased but just listen to the soundtrack and you will understand. There must be at least 10 subgenres of electronic music mixed in, including trance, ambient and house music.

Streets Of Rage

streetsofrage sega genesis

The awesome combination of addictive beat em up action and a pumping movie quality soundtrack from Yuzo Koshiro made this game an instant hit in the early 90’s. This was lovingly combined with awesome 2 player co-operative moves, satisfying sound effects and multiple endings. Even the 80’s action movie theme kept you hooked, with every level playing in nicely to the story line like a smooth crescendo, untill you end way up high on the top floor of the evil crime syndicates building.

so Axel, Blaze, Adam… Lets risk it all… on the Streets of Rage!

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