Hyperkin “GN6” Premium Controller for Genesis

Yes… I am a button basher…

As the years have gone by my original sega genesis controllers have taken an almighty hammering!  I bought a six button controller back in the early 90’s for use with street fighter 2 – Special Championship Edition.  Every few years I take it out again just so that I can beat the hell out of Zangief!  Of course their are a host of other games that utilize the Sega Genesis six button controller and they get regular use too.

This has led to an inevitable consequence.  The buttons eventually lose their spring and begin to fail.  Over the years, I have spent a lot of time and effort opening up my old controllers and replacing the various internal parts such as the rubber padding.  I have also spent a fortune buying used original controllers on ebay to harvest parts from, but unfortunately the effects of time mean that there is a smaller and smaller supply of good quality original components.

This year I just wanted to get on with some old school gaming without the hassle so I decided to try out some third party controllers.   I purchased the Hyperkin “GN6” Premium Genesis Controller  purely because of the extremely low price.

Taste My Crazy Foot Zangief!
Taste My Crazy Foot Zangief!
Original Sega Genesis Six Button Arcade Pad
Original Sega Genesis Six Button Arcade Pad

Hyperkin "GN6" Premium Controller for Sega Genesis
Hyperkin “GN6” Premium Controller for Sega Genesis

I was very dubious at first as I was sure that it would never compare to the real thing.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The shape, size and weight is exactly the same as the original.  After several weeks of use the responsiveness is still there and I continue to be amazed that such a cheap controller could do the job so well.  I have tested it out on a number of other Genesis titles and it works just as good as my original Sega controller.  On many games it outperforms the original controller due to the newer components.

I also tried out this controller with my ATGames Genesis because I had been having a lot of trouble with the wireless connection.  It worked perfectly and is my controller of preference now.  I will definately be picking up a second one of these as the price point is so low!

Hyperkin "GN6" Premium Controller for Genesis

As always, happy gaming!