Game and Hardware Reviews

Dust off your Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo!  Revisit iconic games of the early 90’s and learn how they shaped the future of gaming.  We also occasionally review some 2017 releases!

Learn to Code 2D Games

Use the Phaser.JS game engine to create incredible 2D games!  

Phaser Example With Baddies

Run Phaser without a Web Server

Gaming Merchandise

Cool Mortal Kombat Clothing and Accessories

Super Bomberman SNES Review

Super Bomberman was one of the most addictive games available for the SNES. It has been ranked as one of the top games for the system.  Find out why.

Sonic Mania Physical Disk Release

A message to Sega from the people who grew up shoving cartridges into their consoles!

Where to Buy the SNES Classic Mini – In Stock!

The SNES Classic Mini has been one of the most pre ordered retro consoles this year!  Learn more about this console and where to find it!

Did Michael Jackson write the Sonic 3 soundtrack?

HeeHee!  OWWWW!  Michael Jackson was at Sega and he was no Stranger in Moscow.  Just take a listen to this sample.