Super Metroid SNES Review

Super Metroid SNES Review

By Kano | 15th September 2017 | 19:09 PM

Release Date:  1994

Rating:  E for Everyone – Mild Animated Violence

Genre:  Action

Publisher:  Nintendo

Developers:  Nintendo R&D1, Intelligent Systems


Congratulations on your Newborn Baby Metroid Larva!

Super Metroid is a highly acclaimed side-scroller for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  This epic action adventure was created by Nintendo and is the third game in the Metroid series.
Makoto Kano, Gunpei Yokoi and Yoshio Sakamoto are the creative masterminds behind Super Metroid.  They were also the lead developers of the previous metroid games so it should come as no suprise that this game is

From the outset, it is obvious that the developers put a lot of care and attention into the creation of Super Metroid.  The sheer size and complexity of the levels betray the fact that this is a 16-bit era game. It looks beautiful, plays beautifully and has some incredible sound effects and music.


The story continues the adventures of galactic bounty hunter Samus Aran who returns for more action! During the introduction of the game Samus relates the events that occured during her expedition to planet
SR388.  It was there that she encountered a newly born metroid larva who took her to be its mother.  Samus delivered the Larva to the Ceres Space Colony to allow scientists to study the metroids energy
producing abilities.  Unbeknownst to Samus a group of space pirates steal the last remaining Metroid.  Samus must fight her way through planet Zebes battling all manner of creatures in order to retrieve
the metroid larva before mother brain uses it to take over the universe.

The Beginning of Samus’ Quest

Super Metroid introduces Samus to a plethora of new combat and exploration capabilities.  Here is a summary of the most interesting features.


Some of Super Metroids new weapons include the Grapple Beam, Morph Ball and X-Ray Scope.  Additionally Samus can now combine weapons and participate in incredible 360 degree combat… well…apart form the lack of a Z
axis, this is 1994 remember!  She can also enable and disable features of her suit depending on whether she needs to prioritise defeating enemies or overcoming obstacles.  Perhaps on of the quirkiest of her
new powers is the power to perform Michael Jacksons Moonwalk.  Yes we mean THAT Michael Jackson, although we cannot confirm his direct involvement.  The moonwalk allows her to take a smooth moonwalk
backwards while charging a shot or rapid firing.  There is a cheat code that makes her shout hee hee! Aooww! (Just kidding)

The super metroid moonwalk (as seen in Moonwalker!)

These added abilities all combine to allow Samus to find her way around the
massive labyrinthian levels and fight some of the most spectacular bosses ever created!  For more details on power ups see the list below.


The main aspect of Super Metroids gameplay involves the player searching through the large and atmospheric levels in order to find the power-ups needed to progress to new areas of the level.  The
complexity of the levels and differing routes has made Super Metroid a prime candidate for speedruns in recent years.  New navigation features were also introduced into the game to seperate it from its
predecessors.  These include an inventory screen where Samus enables and disables features of her suit, and an automap.  These features have since become enshrined in the metroid franchise and have appeared
in all subsequent games


super metroid - Ceres Space Colony
super metroid – Ceres Space Colony

Ceres Space Colony

All the action starts here.  As detailed in the games introduction, the colony on Ceres is the site of advanced scientific research for the good of the galaxy. Unfortunately Ridley and the space pirates destroy the Colony and steal the metroid larva.


This is where you take control of Samus and the action starts.  After a tour around the dreary wet surface of Ceres,  Samus ventures underground to begin her quest.


Welcome to the jungle! There is lots of interesting flora and fauna in this area, but there are also many dangerous enemies lurking around, so watch out!


Samus ventures even deeper into the planet Zebes. She now requires an environment suit to protect her from the seering heat and lava flows of Norfair.

Wrecked Ship

This ship is a relic belonging to a mysterious alien race. The dark passage ways are fraught with danger so Samus must keep her wits about her and use her weapons effectively.


Maridia is the Ocean area of Zebes. Samus will make many fascinating discoveries as she gets tantilisingly close to the space pirates. Her journey will end with an encounter with the fearsome Draygon.


Tourian as the epicenter of the space pirates lair and where Samus will find mother brain. It will take everything Samus has, but it’s finally time for her to battle it out to the end!

Super Metroid – Items and Power Ups

Super Metroid Inventory Screen
Inventory Screen

Primary Weapons

Arm Cannon Power Beam: (Default Weapon) – This is relatively weak and will not protect you from the more powerful enemies in the game.

Charge Beam: Location – Brinstar.  Allows for a More powerful attack than the Power Beam.

Spazer Beam: Location –  Brinstar.  Wide beamed shot that is much more powerful than the default beam.

Ice Beam: Location – Norfair. This allows Samus to freeze enemies and use them as platforms.

Wave Beam: Location – Norfair. This will allow a shot to go through walls.

Plasma Beam: Location – Maridia. Allows multiple enemies to be shot simultaneously.

Hyper Beam: Location – You can only get this at the end of the game whilst fighting Mother Brain.   Just kick ass… try it and you will see why.


Yellow Suit: Default suit – Its good as a rain coat but thats all.

Varia Suit (Orange): Location – Brinstar. Provides protection from extreme temperature.

Gravity Suit (Purple): Location – the Wrecked Ship.  Allows Samus to move through Liquid and Lava.

Extra Abilities

Morph Ball: Location – Brinstar. Allows Samus to roll into a ball to get to inaccessible areas.

Bomb: Location – Crateria.  Enables to Samus to set bombs whilst in Morph Ball mode.

Spring Ball: Location – Maridia. Enables Samus to jump whilst in Morph Ball mode.

Screw Attack: Location – Norfair. Turns the Spin Jump into a whirling energy blade that can destroy enemies and remove obstacles.


High Jump Boots: Location – Norfair.  Increase the jump power.

Space Jump: Location – Maridia.  Enables Samus to somersault in mid air.

Speed Booster: Location – Norfair.  Run incredibly fast!

Weapons and Tools

Missiles: Missiles can bust through locked doors and kill powerful enemies.

Super Missiles: These fearsome missiles are five times the power of regular missiles.  They can cause wall crawling enemies to fall down.

Power Bombs: Power bombs are much more powerful than regular bombs.  They definately leave a lasting impression!

X-Ray Scope: Location – Brinstar.  Enables Samus to see features that aren’t normally visible such as hidden passageways and breakable blocks.

Grappling Beam: Location – Norfair.  Enables samus to tarzan swing from magnetic ceilings.  It is also effective against certain enemies.


Energy Tanks – Energy tanks increase Samus’ maximum energy.

Reserve Tanks – There are a maximum of four reserve tanks which each provide 100 energy units.


Super Metroid is extremely well respected and regarded as one of the greatest 2D action adventure games ever made.  Originally it sold better in North America than Japan, but as of 2003 It has shipped a
total of 1.42 million copies worldwide.  The games well thought out mechanics and innovative concepts have had a strong influence on all other metroid games in the series.

2007 Virtual Console Release

Super Metroid was released for download on the Nintendo Virtual Console in 2007.  It is available for the Wii, Wii U, and the New Nintendo 3DS.  I was particularly happy about the 3DS release as I carry
mine everywhere with me!  Seriously… it’s extremely damaging to my work life and personal relationships.

We sincerely hope you have as much fun playing this game as we did.  Keep an eye out for the new Nintendo 3DS release, Metroid: Samus Returns!

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