Hellfire Sega Genesis

Hellfire – Sega Genesis Sega Megadrive Retro Game Review

Release Date:  1991

Published By:  Seismic Software Inc.

Hellfire Sega Genesis

Only you and the power of the ultimate weapon, “HELLFIRE”, can save us!

If you like R-Type and are a fan of side scrolling space shooters, you will have most likely heard of Hellfire.  Hellfire is a single player R-Type style blast em up for the Sega Genesis.

The name chosen for this game is no accident.  The difficulty level is extremely challenging from the outset!  If you’re wondering exactly how difficult we mean, this blurb from the games super hard ending says it all!:

No way dude, You must have cheated to get this far,  so you used slow mo or what?  Come on now confess!!!
If you didn’t cheat, or even if you did, I’m pretty !# impressed that you manage to finish this last level in hell fire.
Just keep your eyes open for more super tough, long term fun games from us, and keep beating those games, we’ll make more.

The story

The plot of Hellfire follows a similar theme to most other space shooters of this era.  Hellfire is set in the year 2998. Mankind has colonized the galaxy but an evil robotic dictator known as Super Mech has begun waging war with the outposts.

You play Captain Lancer who is in control of the last space fighter. On board this hi-tech craft is the strongest weapon in the galaxy, hellfire.


Hellfire Sega Genesis

Hellfire Forward Shot

The control scheme in hellfire is quite unique. Pressing the B button changes the firing direction. The ship will also change color.

  • Pink is a straight forward shot.
  • Yellow shoots from the back of the ship.
  • Green shoots from the top and bottom of the ship.
  • Blue shoots diagonally in four directions.

It is the players ability to alternate between these firing styles that means the difference between life and death!  A trained Hellfire pilot can identify situations with split second reactions and change their guns appropriately.

Alternate Versions


The Megadrive game itself is a port of an original arcade version. Hellfire was also ported to PC-CD ROM where additional cut scenes were added as well as a female lead character. The soundtrack was also improved with a more orchestral theme.


This game was received very well by critics of the time and has even been ranked among the top ten megadrive games ever released! The aforementioned difficulty level offers plenty of challenging and the stylish presentation and music make this game an impressive experience!

Beating this game is quite a satisfying feat but you will need to be dedicated and put in hours of practice – So what are you waiting for?  The galaxy needs you!

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