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    There are several valued practices, tactics and important elements that collectively allows web designers to feature the most convincing and demanded web layouts. While struggling to stand by the intense online market competition, businesses have now started demanded more exclusivity in terms of addressing the mobile platform which has become one of the important factors for reshaping several traditional notions of web designing where whitespace has become one of the top highlighted elements.

    Whitespace is one of the most commonly recognized terms among the community of creative website designers but in general, it is also known as the negative space or the empty space between several elements and objects of the website design. It can be easily concluded that the dominating role of mobile platform has further enriched its importance. According to renowned graphic design Dubai Company, not only web layouts but logos are even designed while prioritizing negative space as one of the core element. Moreover, in order to bring neat, clean and visually pleasing layouts for the mobile platform, whitespace has been considered as an important and role-playing element in successfully addressing the growing need for visually appealing user experiences.

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