THE Retro GAMES THAT COULD HAVE BEEN… Sega Genesis  / Megadrive Edition

Here is the place where super cool concept games that were never made, come to life!  …Well the box art anyway!  Back in the early days of gaming, box art was gorgeous, and we loved it.  So much so that we decided to make some of our own.  Ever wanted to know what the sega Genesis version of windows would have looked like on store shelves? No?  How about all those action movies that DIDN’T get licenced!  Or perhaps a version of WipeOut for the 16 bit era? Literally anything goes!  The following is purely intended as a nostalgic celebration of the golden era of 80’s and 90’s gaming.  Check back regularly for new additions and offer your own suggestions for the retro game art you always wanted to see.

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*Please Note – Some art features a pastiche of pre-existing work and has been created for the purpose of parody and entertainment under fair use guidelines.

Box Art – Sega Megadrive VS Sega Genesis

Take a look at the different NTSC and PAL region artwork that was produced for the same iconic games!

Parody art and Random entertainment

Parody Movie Posters and other nonsense